Personal letter from the owner /outfitter/ ph, Adolf Kleinhans

If I was a first time hunter in this beautiful part of the world, I would have liked to know the following:


1. Shooting sticks: 

Clients don’t realise that 90% of walk and stalk is made easier by the use of shooting sticks. Practise using them at home before coming over. I cannot emphasise this enough. The average shots that you would have to be able to make is in the range of between 80 and 250 yards. If you would like to have a personalised video made of your safari this can also be arranged with a local company that specializes in this. I personally use them for my promotional dvds aswell. Info on their website can be provided if you are interested.

2. Bring a good camera, binoculars, sunsreen and wear your welcoming Cape Valley Safaris gift cap.

3. Be open to new experiences. This part of the world has so much to offer. We are completely disease ( malaria ) free and are close to both the seaside with beautiful coastlines and the mountains and forests.  This safari can be enjoyed with a friend or your family. My wife would gladly take your wife on shopping and sightseeing adventures. We are child friendly and would do our best to accommodate your needs as much as possible.

4.You can bring your own rifle during which I strongly suggest that you make use of a company based in Johannesburg that assist you with the right paperwork. They also meet and great you in Johannesburg to make sure your guns get safely through customs. I've worked with this company for a long time. They are very efficient. You may have heared some horror stories of bribes at the airport, using them eliminates this completely. They also run a guesthouse 10 min from Johannesburg airport, and should it happen that you need to stay over before catching your connecting  flight to Port Elizabeth, they will fetch you and accomodate you and make sure you are back at the airport in time for your next flight.

If you are thinking of bringing your own rifle keep in mind that I need to send you a letter of invitation for you to be able to have the right paperwork. 

Alternatively arrange with me personally for gun rental.

5. I don’t have any hidden costs. The only costs that are extra is the dip and pack or taxidermy and shipping of your trophies.

6. Arriving in Port Elizabeth I will be there personally to assist you with your firearm and we will drive out to my base camp and start making memories. I truly love what I do for a living and that makes me good in what I do according to others. I do NOT mix groups. I'd rather make less money and ensure that my clients get personal attention while in my camp than to overcrowd the place.  While you are here, you and your friends will be the only hunters in camp.

7. We do live in Africa, but you can relax about having trouble to keep contact with your loved ones. We have wi-fi, and you can phone them when you like to do so.

8. My wife is a qualified chef, and she loves spending her time in the kitchen trying to wow clients. We are a family business that takes the time and makes the effort to ensure that you arrive as clients and leave as friends.  We have 2 upcoming “cheap labour” ph-sons.  Aged 8 and 9,-Pietman and Hannes that enjoys life on the farm. Both are excellent shots and have impala, blesbuck, bushpig, porcupine, caracal ect on their list of trophies taken.

9. In short, you have nothing to loose and a lot of memories to gain by giving us a chance. I hope you would consider doing so, and we will make you happy with your choice.

10. I pride myself in providing clients with opportunities to harvest the best quality animals available.



See you soon.

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