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(D.d. phillipsi)

The most common of this species is the common blesbuck and the white blesbuck. 

This is a very popular animal for most hunters.  Prefers open grassland .  Both sexes have horns.  With the rams having more heavy and thicker white-ridged-horns than the females.

They are most active in the early hours of the morning and late afternoon.  They prefer to stay in the shade and out of sight in the heat of the day.  Blesbuck and Black wildebeest was originally  found in South Africa. These animals are territorial.  During mating season the rams secrete a fluid from a gland under their eyes which will stain their white face, which makes them easier to identify.  Older rams are pushed out of the herd by younger and stronger males and we often hunt these loners.

Their closest relative is a Bontebuck which is also a beautiful animal. Clients keep in mind a bontebuck is one of the Cites animals which needs special paperwork. 


Hunt:  early mornings and late afternoon with a .243 and up.


Information regarding the placement of shots and animal spoor were obtained from "The Perfect Shot" by Kevin Robertson.

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