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(Panthera leo)

The king of the jungle and probably the best known and feared member of the big 5.  Males weigh in between 400 and 500 pounds, and females between 250 and 350 pounds.  Only males have manes which starts to develop from the age of 3. 

They have huge apetites and can consume about 25% of their own bodyweight in a single feeding.  Lions are most active at night and would rest lazily in the shade during the day. 

Lions have a “floating rib bone”  - 2 bones in the shoulder that’s not attached to any other bone.  Its unclear what the purpose of these bones are or where.

The Hunt: 

Minimum caliber is the .375.  Lions prefer to walk in the open on roads, buck tracks and river beds so its relative easy to track them for hunting.


Information regarding the placement of shots and animal spoor were obtained from "The Perfect Shot" by Kevin Robertson.