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(Phacochoerus aethiopicus)

This popular hunting animal is not known for its good looks.  They are active during the daytime when they feed typically standing on their “knees”.  They are grazers. They enjoy mud and dust baths.  The warthog get his name from the warts on his face.  Males have 2 pares while females have only one pair of warts.  Mature boars are considerably bigger than the sows and have bigger and thicker tusks.  The female will run in the grasslands always with her tail straightup in the air so that her young will be able to see where she is and that they are able to follow her. 

The Hunt:

Ambush at feeding areas and alwayss move downwind. Caliber of choice .270.


Information regarding the placement of shots and animal spoor were obtained from "The Perfect Shot" by Kevin Robertson.

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